Republic Bank

Republic Bank Limited

Founded more than 180 years ago, Republic Bank was the first indigenous commercial bank in what was then the colony of British Guiana. In 1914, it became Guyana’s second foreign-owned commercial bank after Royal Bank Canada bought it. Seventy years later, it returned to local ownership when the Guyanese government purchased it. Later, it became a public company when the government sold about half of its stock in the bank to private sector representatives. 

Throughout its long history, Republic Bank has always served the people of Guyana with its financial services and commitment to customer satisfaction and social responsibility. The bank offers online banking for individual, commercial, and corporate customers, and its financial services and products include SME loans and overdraft, trade financing, and investment products such as certificates of deposit. In addition, Republic Bank helps individual consumers meet their financial goals with several types of savings accounts, chequing accounts, low-cost mortgages, Republic Visa OneCards, and many other services.